Our Mission

Nature`s most fascinating ability is to make use of its resources over and over again, without any impact on the functionality of the ecosystem and its overall health. ECOSUS products are a compilation of well-known proven natural bio-stimulants in synergetic combination with macro, micro and trace elements, as well as beneficial bacteria and fungi. A special technology in production upgrades efficiency to unparalleled levels.

The development of environment friendly and practical solutions to rebuild, to maintain and to improve the natural foundation of our existence is the mission of ECOSUS.







Our Vision

Innovation is the driving force of human society. Unquestionable innovations like medication with antibiotics or artificial N-P-K fertilization of crops were lifesaving and did change the world. Unfortunately, overuse of manmade, unnatural substances causes on of the most serious challenges for our future.

The very thin layer of the earth`s crust is the soil we live on, where we raise our children and where plants and animals which make our food are cultivated. Healthy and fertile soil, clean water to drink and fresh air to breath are limited resources, essential to our survival.

We believe that optimizing biological processes has to come before using unnatural products in our resource value chain, thus, we have developed our innovative MCE-Technology. This new processing technology upgrades efficancy of our products to unparalleled levels and enables ECOSUS products to be powerful tools in working towards a future free of chemical residues in nature`s resources.



What others think:

We regularly recommend the usage of ECOSUS® SFC in soil maintenance and restoration strategies to our clients in the public and private sector. The successful rehabilitation of the City of Bielefeld`s first priority natural monument is a good reference for the high product quality.

Hartmut Achterberg, Public Appointed and Sworn Appraiser, Forstbüro Achterberg

Yield and quality significantly improved since we started using ECOSUS® MetaStim in our professional organic farming operation. With ECOSUS® MetaStim  we can de-risk our production as our organic potatoes reach marketable sizes much faster than ever before.

Gerald Meller, Certified Organic Farmer, Biolandhof Meller

A healthy gastrointestinal system is of central importance for the wellbeing of animals. Only healthy animals are productive animals! To many of my clients the feed additive ECOSUS® GIC-Mineral could offer promising perspectives in their efforts to reduce medication.

Dr. med. vet. Christoph Sudendey, Veterinarian Clinic