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Air Health Products

Volatile and micro dust emissions are a threat to air quality. ECOSUS-Air health products are based on activated bio-carbon. These charcoal products are made from certified sustainable harvested woods and produced with patented technology. Ammonia reduction in animal production systems and Sulphur adsorption in biogas facilities are prominent uses for ECOSUS-Air Health products.

Our Solution

The production of our globally unique activated carbon takes place entirely at our partner’s location in Germany in accordance with our patented manufacturing process. Renewable raw materials – charcoal from hardwoods and a sugar-water-based binder from the local sugar beet industry – are used as starting materials for these special activated carbons.

The exclusively used food-safe additives ensure a particularly high performance potential and can be varied depending on the area of application. Main applications are gas desulfurization, ammonium binding and the adsorption of hydrocarbons and siloxanes.

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Our air health products can be utilised without any consultation. However, we are always happy to offer consultation services to supply customized solutions for specific situations. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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