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Animal Health Products

The health system of animals in high level production facilities has become extremely vulnerable. Top priority across all types of animals is a permanently well working, healthy digestive system. This results in a good food conversion rate, avoids diarrhoea and minimizes medication. ECOSUS-Animal Health products are sealing the digestive organs, delivering trace minerals, adsorbing toxic substances and improving the food conversion.

Common Industry Problems

In modern animal production the feed-mixtures are highly adapted to the specific phase within the production cycle. Whenever a change in the mixture occurs, the micro flora in the digestive system has to adapt itself to the new conditions. Practically this is most often causing symptoms of diarrhoea and peak colonization of unwanted microbes, which can lead to serious infections and threaten the whole animal population. Commonly prevention and curing is done by application of antibiotics.

However, antibiotics are also killing a high percentage of the beneficial microbes and more over they are permanently damaging the most important pituitary villi. Economic outcomes are costs for medication, weight gain losses until microflora is rebuild and a reduced food conversion until the end of the life cycle.

Our solution

ECOSUS-„GIC-Mineral“ is a 100% natural feed supplement that protects the digestive organs, delivers valuable trace minerals, absorbs toxic substances like heavy metals and mycotoxins and improves food conversion.

The product is a very useful and risk-free additive in feeding all types of animals in food production systems (poultry, cattle, swine and fish), as well as pets (dog & cat).

Scientific test underline an improvement in quality of e.g.:

  • milk from dairy-cows

  • meat from broiler-chicken and turkey

  • egg size and shell thickness from laying hens

  • development and stress resistance from post-weaning pigs

  • hair consistence and odor reduction from dogs and cats

Reach out to us

Our animal health products can be utilised without any consultation. However, we are always happy to offer consultation services to supply customized solutions for specific situations. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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