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Plant Health Products

Healthy Plants are the pride of all growers. They are vital and hardier against biotic and abiotic stress factors. ECOSUS-Plant Health products are improving plants nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, disease resistance and overall growth. Fruits and vegetables have a better redox potential, which results in a healthier product and an extended shelf life.

Common Industry Problems

The main cost generating factor within a production cycle of a cultivated species of plant is the number of treatments that have to be realized to maintain a certain product quality. Logical conclusion: The healthier and more vigorous the plant, the less the number of necessary treatments, the more profitable the business  – or simply said: Healthy plant, healthy business!

The fundamentals of plant`s health are determined by the quality of itself as a seed corn and by the quality of its growth medium – independently if this is natural soil or a whatsoever culture substrate. This implicates that plant and soil health are interactive aspects.

Our Solution

It is proven science that a proper early development of seedlings effects all periods of plant`s growth as well as the final yield harvested. Therefore proper treatment of seeds and smart early growth promotion is essential.

ECOSUS® MetaStim

ECOSUS® MetaStim is significantly improving the biological activity in the root zone and can dramatically enhance the anti-oxidative potential within cultivated crops.

Treatment of seeds via coating has become an established practice to improve good germination and early development of the seedlings. Conventional coatings often use toxic pesticides for repelling parasites. These pesticides are prone to accumulate in the food chain.

ECOSUS® Germinator

In close cooperation to a German partner company specialized in seed-treatment technology, a new product line is currently under development. The products will be compatible to organic as well as conventional farming methods and the nutrient, micro-nutrient and further additive supply can be adapted to all crop types specifically. ECOSUS® Germinator will provide environmentally friendly and non-toxic coating solutions.

Antioxidative compounds the more the better

Oxidative damage at plant cell walls and DNA caused by radicals is a serious issue for healthy plant development due to a lowered rate of photosynthesis and additional energy consumed by repair processes. The higher the value of anti-oxidative compounds, valued as redox potential in mV, in a plant`s cell, the better their ability to avoid oxidative damage. For harvested crops this finally means that they are characterized by an extended shelf life.

Reach out to us

Our plant health products can be utilised without any consultation. However, we are always happy to offer consultation services to supply customized solutions for specific situations. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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