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Water Health Products

All ECOSUS products are beneficial to water quality because they are reducing the quantity of leached substances. Special ECOSUS-Water health products for conventional filtration and adsorption of contaminants, as well as for reed bed implementation in natural waste water treatment plants are on stock. In cooperation with our specialized partners ECOSUS is offering international consulting services for the planning, building and operation of conventional technical or ecological WWTP`s.

Common Industry Problems

Ground water pollution by pesticides, fertilizer, waste water and factory fumes washed down with the rain increases the challenge of safe drinking water treatment.

Moreover, waste water pollution by industrial discharges and excessive use of drugs, like antibiotics and hormones, increases the challenge of waste water treatment for safe reuse in agriculture or discharge into the environment. 

Boosting the treatment processes of both, drinking water and waste water with ECOSUS products will reduce OPEX and CAPEX of the installation.

Our Solution

The natural bio-stimulants in synergetic combination with trace elements, the extremely high porosity as well as promoting beneficial bacteria and fungi of the Ecosus product support all above mentioned processes.

A: By inducing cell reactions and promoting the organism development biological treatment processes can be enhanced with Ecosus Products.

B: The large interior surface allows the adsorption of a great number of substances from gaseous or liquid.

C: The anti-oxidative potential and humic acid content allows for increased binding of impurities.

Reach out to us

Our water health products can be utilised without any consultation. However, we are always happy to offer consultation services to supply customized solutions for specific situations. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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